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Vario / Altimeter sensor

Product Code: 85418
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 Vario / Altimeter sensor* # 8 5416

A single sensor which combines altimeter and variometer. Extremely small, light and reasonably priced, since - in comparison with conventional stand-alone varios - no separate radio link is required. The vario / altimeter fits in virtually any model fuselage.

Data such as altitude, climb rate, sink rate and maximum altitude are displayed directly on your transmitter. The audible tone indicating climb and sink can be switched on and off using a (freely assignable) switch on the transmitter (ROYALpro); if alarms are set, the audible alarm output remains active even when the tone is switched off. 

An essential instrument for glider pilots, but also for others, such as glider tug pilots. For example, an audible signal can be triggered to signal release time


Altimeter measurement range -500 ... +2000 m (from launch point)

Resolution altimeter 1 m

Measurement range, vario +/-50 m / s

Resolution Vario 0.1 m/s

Dimensions (L x W x H) 31 x 20 x 9 mm

Weight approx. 10 g


The following can be activated and altered using the MULTImate,

or using Sensor Data Manager on the PC:


Address (screen line on transmitter) at which the climb rate is displayed

Top alarm Upper climb rate value, above which an alarm is triggered at the transmitter
Bottom alarm  Lower climb rate value, below which an alarm is triggered at the transmitter
Option Additional generation of minimum, average or maximum climb rate
Address option Address (screen line on transmitter) at which the optional value is displayed

Integration period - time interval over which the altitude changes are integrated

The same applies to the altimeter (without integration time)

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