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True Airspeed & Vario Sensor for M-LINK

Product Code: 85418
More Information

  • Measurement of real flow velocity by means of damming pressure.
  • Measurement of current altitude via ambient pressure.
  • Measurement of sink / climb rate via an optional vario / altitude sensor.
  • Automatic calibration of sensors.
  • Adjustable warning thresholds.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Airspeed and vario sensor unit.
  • 1 x Pitot tube.
  • 1 x Clear Pitot connecting hose.
  • 1 x Red Pitot connecting hose.

Product Description

GPS sensors are all very well however these will only ever measure your aeroplane’s speed over the ground rather than its true airspeed which, of course, is crucial in warning of an approaching stall. Downwind turns, dead-stick forced landings and even regular landing approaches are prime candidates for errors of judgement in relation to observed ground speed and perceived airspeed, indeed many, many model aircraft have been crashed as a result. Well, with the adjustable warning thresholds provided by the new Multiplex True Airspeed and Vario Sensor costly stall accidents could be a thing of the past. Moreover, by measurement of the ambient pressure the precision vario gives you real-time feedback on your model’s altitude.

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