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Smart SX 9 M-LINK FLEXX Function Set

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SMART SX 9 FLEXX Set FUNCTION - Something for everyone!

The SMART SX 9 FLEXX feature set leaves nothing to be desired. With the all-inclusive package they are fully equipped for any type of function model, whether RC-excavators, caterpillar, -Truck, -Panzer or Schiff. You control your model with the 9-channel FLEXX transmitter precise and can head through the enclosed block additional functions.

• 9-channel (max 4 proportional channels, max 9 switching channels by as many multiswitch FLEXX # 7 5888th.)
(Adjustable ID) • 50 ID model memory
• ID = Automatic Model recognition
• IOAT: Integrated 2.4 GHz antenna in the housing. Range up to 3 km
• Many functions can be zugeschmischt (fully flexible allocation concept with bus system with multi-switch FLEXX)
• Implementation of almost all RC models available on the market (trucks, tanks, cars, boats)
• Incredibly many models can operate simultaneously without interference be
• servo reverse easily adjustable
• Digital steering trim
• buzzer for audible feedback: trimming, transmitter battery, range test, function keys
• update bar via integrated interface (MPX Launcher)
• Ergonomics: light and handy
• long operating time up to 25 h

The transmitter recognizes through the M-LINK ID receiver the particular model and activates the corresponding settings from his notable model memory. With the proven 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission system is certainly the full range available.

By the simple operation of the station almost every other model, can set from many different manufacturers can easily. Even the respective last fine trimming a model is saved. Of course, the SMART SX can also be operated with any M-LINK receiver. The setting of a non-recipient ID is stored on each model memory 0 or overwritten.

Here's how:
Pro MultiSwitch FLEXX three additional functions can be switched. If your model needs more than 3 functions, just turn another multi-switch to in row. These can be connected in any amount of RX 9.4. It can be placed on a channel several functions. Example: Steering 50% right - right turn signal.

stations SMART SX FLEXX, RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK, MultiSwitch FLEXX,
programming cable, 3 AA batteries for the transmitter, detailed instruction manual

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