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PROFI TX Features

The personnel in the Multiplex development department can boast decades of expertise, creativity and meticulous design, and since they share a passion for RC model sport it is no surprise when they produce something really special. This is the new PROFI TX M-LINK tray-type transmitter - Engineered and Made in Germany.

Working in collaboration with an internationally renowned designer, the team created something extraordinary in terms of form and ergonomics. The new, sophisticated and superbly elegant design raises this transmitter to a new level of refinement . Occasionally we should allow ourselves to aim at something above the norm in terms of quality and craftsmanship!

The PROFI TX M-LINK sets new standards in its class, with 2.4 GHz transmission technology and numerous innovative and pioneering features:

• Integral aerial technology (IOAT)

• Secure, ultra-fast signal transmission

• Clean, clearly arranged menu structure

• LiFePO4 battery (25 hours transmitter time) with battery management

Modern, ground-breaking telemetry-capable sixteen-channel 2.4 GHz radio control system. Flexible ergonomics allow the owner to fine-tune the system individually and accurately to meet his individual needs
• For tray-mounting, use with hand-rests or neckstrap
• Swivelling stick units
• Conveniently located side-mounted proportional controls and optional switches
• Carefully positioned digital trims for easy access
New, innovative features:
• IOAT (Integrated Optimised Antenna Technology): integral aerial with enhanced radiation pattern, optimised for model control: double the signal density transmitted to the model, offering a significant enhancement in security
• Up to sixteen fully proportional control channels, with ultra-fast, zero-delay signal transmission
The software, still in development has a clean, clearly arranged menu structure provides:
• Programs for power models, gliders, jets and helicopters
• QuickStart
• Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
• Up to 200 model memories
• Unlimited model memory data can be saved, backed up and managed on a PC
• Up to sixteen fully proportional servo channels
• Unrestricted servo channel assignment
• 100% individual configuration of transmitter controls and switches
• Flexible mixer structure: Seven mixers per model, can be used as many times as required, 8 mixer inputs per mixer, curve mixer
• Seven-point collective pitch / throttle curve for helicopters
• Three stopwatches
• Digital trims, flight phase specific
• Vibration alarm
• Maximum operating time over 30 hours (LiFePO4 transmitter battery)
• Direct menu access buttons
• Two proportional sliders + 2 markers
• 3-D programming wheel (push / turn)
Display of up to sixteen telemetry values
Innovative flexible circuit board system minimises connector count for greater security
The Co-Pilot Wireless Trainer system with individual control function transfer (optional # 4 5184)
Large, hinged, superbly legible 5,8” LCD monitor
Earphone socket
Integral handle
USB socket (model data transfer, firmware updates, integral battery charger)
Completely unrestricted installation of control elements (optional switches, buttons, rotary knobs) Ideally positioned side mounted sliders and switches
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