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MULTIPLEX Wingstabi System

It’s every RC model pilot’s dream to feel in perfect control of the model at all times. The WINGSTABI makes that possible, and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of handling, set-up and functions, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro flyer.

Download the instructions here!


What does the WINGSTABI have?
• Stable flight attitude
• Gust suppression
• Take-off and landing aid
• Convincing sensation when flying
• Support for aerobatics
• Compatible with all current RC systems:
  Graupner, Futaba, M-LINK, Jeti, HiTEC, Weatronic
• Can be programmed using PC / Android smart-phone app
• Versions: 7 / 9 channels, with / without M-LINK receiver

These revolutionary innovations are only available from MULTIPLEX

• The WINGSTABI transforms any simple radio control set into a fully programmable RC system
• Tri-lingual software: German, English, French
• Gain (sensitivity) on all three axes can be varied separately or jointly from the transmitter
• Variable modifying factor for each axis
• 7 / 9 servo outputs
• The function is freely assignable for each servo, enabling the gyro to be used for any model application
• Four flight phases:
 1. On / Off
 2. Stabilisation for flying in windy conditions
 3. Aerobatics and 3D flying
 4.Torque-rolling (rock’n’roll on the spot)
• Delta mixer, V-tail mixer and flap support
• Flaps can be set up to amplify aileron response
• PC software includes real-time sensor diagram

Compatible with other current RC systems
The WINGSTABI is also compatible with all current RC systems:
Graupner, Futaba, M-LINK, Jeti, HiTEC, Weatronic and others. The latest generation of ultra-precise triple-axis MEMS sensors ensures a convincing sensation of flying even when stabilisation is set to an extremely high level; the pilot never has the impression of flying a robot. The stylish case is made of anodised aircraft-grade aluminium, and the unit can be installed in any orientation in the model.

Fine-tuning at the flying field
No problem! The WINGSTABI can be programmed easily and swiftly using a PC or app (Bluetooth module # 4 5188 required) in conjunction with any Android-based smart-phone or Tablet.

Scan in the QR code and install the free WINGSTABI app “Mobile Launcher” from MULTIPLEX. It is available from the Google Play-Store.

Enhanced safety
Incidentally, the WINGSTABI is also available with an integral M-LINK DR receiver inside the case, including telemetry functions. This minimises possible sources of error as well as simply saving space and weight.
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