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Telemetry - bi-directional radio link  

Every modern aircraft features an array of cockpit instruments which display many important and safety-relevant values, so that the pilot can monitor them constantly. If values fall below or exceed critical values, the instruments generate audible or visual signals to alert the pilot to the problem.

For years many model pilots have dreamed of the ability to receive operational data and measured values directly from the model in real-time, as is standard in full-size aviation. Until now this was only possible with the use of dedicated equipment, some of which was very complicated and ruinously expensive. Now you can see your “model’s cockpit” on your own transmitter screen - with telemetry-capable M-LINK receivers and the associated sensors. This means that your transmitter can pick up and display safety-relevant information such as receiver battery voltage or residual battery charge, and alarms can be triggered if critical values fall below the set minimum value. The same applies to maximum values; they can be displayed on the transmitter screen, and an audible signal is generated if the value exceeds a set alarm threshold. All this enables you to concentrate fully on the flying, and only look at the values on the transmitter screen when necessary. This is an important further advance in the pursuit of safe flying!

Optimising the model

The opportunity to instal different sensors in the model opens up extensive possibilities for optimising power systems, models and

model set-ups. You can do this by determining accurate values for parameters such as motor current, motor temperature, residual battery charge, battery voltage, rotational speed, climb rate / sink rate, altitude, maximum altitude and much more. Finally we can draw objective comparisons based on actual measured values, and banish purely subjective assessment (guesswork) to the past.

The plus-points of MULTIPLEX telemetry / sensors

• Intelligent sensors with sensor bus system

• A maximum of sixteen sensors can be connected in series

• The first sensor is connected directly to the receiver interface. All additional sensors are connected to the previous sensor (bus system)

• No additional sensor box required

• “Connect and fly” - the sensors can be used without prior configuration; no mandatory configuration procedure

• Simple option of configuring the sensors using the MULTImate (# 8 2094) or a PC:

1. The address parameter determines the sequence of displays on the transmitter screen.

2. Additional options can be used to activate feedback transmission of minimum / maximum and Ø values

3. Threshold values for triggering audible warnings from the transmitter: Threshold values for safety-relevant parameters can be set by the user without restriction. If the value exceeds or falls below the threshold, the transmitter generates an audible warning. Typical parameters are maximum current, minimum voltage, maximum temperature, etc.

• Option of “stand-alone” sensor operation with a MULTImate or PC: This converts your MULTImate or PC into a measuring instrument.

• “Interface name” - disclosure of the interface for other sensor manufacturers upon request

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