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MULTILight Lighting set + 5 LEDs

Product Code: 73020
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MULTIlight See and be seen!

Enhance your model with our lighting set! Angular dispersion, colours and flashing LEDs replicate the lighting systems generally found on full-size aircraft. The set includes one set of pre-wired LEDs. One additional socket is provided for a further white LED, e.g. for another landing light. The LEDs are attached to 1 m long leads, making them easy to install in many models.

The functions can be switched on and off from the transmitter. 
1. Everything OFF
2. Navigation lights ON
3. Navigation lights, landing lights and anti-collision beacon ON
If the system is connected directly to the power source, all functions are permanently ON.

Set contents:
Control module
Set of LEDs, ready for use, with 1 m connecting leads and socket.
Accessories / Replacement parts:
Red LED # 7 3021
White LED # 7 3022
Green LED # 7 3023
Set contents:
One LED of each colour, ready made, with 1 m connecting leads and socket

Power supply, via receiving system or direct 5 - 8.4 V
Current drain 3.5 / 23 / 31 mA
Case dimensions (L x W x H) 45 x 20 x 10 mm
Weight excl. LEDs 9 g

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