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Compatible for mx-22, mx-22s, mx-24, mx-24s and RF module JR transmitters 

These retro-fit modules make it possible for Graupner/JR pilots to exploit the proven and successful MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz FHSS M-LINK technology.

Many Graupner/JR transmitters can be converted to the MULTIPLEX M-LINK system, enabling them to work with the whole range of M-LINK receivers and the MSB telemetry system; it is also possible to expand mc-series transmitters by four channels, like the MULTIPLEX PROFI series. Naturally all three RF modules include the proven “Fast Response” and “France mode” select facilities.

COMBO with price advantage for the new user / adopter:

HF-Modul HFMG3 M-Link mit
Rx RX-9-DR M-Link
Telemetry Screen
This solution, consisting of an encased plug-in module and integral 2.4 GHz aerial, is plugged into the rear of the transmitter from the outside in place of the 35 / 40 MHz RF module previously used. The LED button for status display, binding and rangechecking is accessible on the module itself.
If required, it is possible to switch between 35 / 40 MHz and 2.4 GHz M-LINK technology in seconds at any time.

  • Audible warning of low receiver battery voltage - Each module is equipped with a buzzer which, in conjunction with a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver, warns the user of dangerously low voltage at the receiver battery.
  • Simple conversion - Just plug in and fit the retaining screws; no soldering required.
  • Greatly extended transmitter operating time - The RF modules have a lower current drain.
  • Update capability - HFMG modules can be updated using the “Data-Manager” PC program (available free from ). You will also need a USB PC lead, UNI (# 8 5149).
  • Telemetry capability - All retro-fit modules feature a socket for the Telemetry Display,  If you use a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver and MSB-compatible sensors, this unit can display up to sixteen telemetry values from your model.
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