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GPS Sensor V2

Product Code: 85417
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Smaller – lighter – better!

Use the "GPS" satellite positioning system to display on your transmitter important data relating to your model.

The MULTIPLEX GPS V2 sensor is fitted with a new aerial with optimised reception, a smaller, lighter case with mounting lugs, and its current drain is lower.

Telemetry data such as the model's speed over the ground, altitude, the model's range or the distance already covered can be measured and displayed. The sensor can also generate the direction of flight with different angular information. Naturally you can set up individual warning thresholds on the GPS, as well as the display of various minimum, maximum or average values.

The following data are displayed as standard on the transmitter's screen or the Telemetry Display • Speed (3D) in km/hr

• Altitude over launch point in metres (m)

• Distance (3D) in metres (m)The MULTIPLEX GPS V2 sensor is compatible with all telemetry-capable M-LINK transmitters / receivers and systems with MSB support. The GPS V2 is simple and convenient to configure to your personal preferences using the MULTImate (# 8 2094) or the PC program MULTIPLEX Launcher**.

** PC program "MULTIPLEX Launcher" available free of charge under Downloads. Required items for this: USB PC lead, UNI (# 8 5149).



Type: Highly sensitive GPS receiver, fifty channels
Aerial: Aerial for omni-directional reception
Cold-start delay*: approx. 1 minute
Warm-start delay*: approx. 10 seconds due to integral buffer battery
Resolution*: approx. 5 - 10 m (position) / 0.5 - 1 m/s (speed)
with optimum reception: approx. 2.5 m (position) / 0.1 m/s (speed)
Temperature range: -18- 20°C to + 55°C
Current drain: 65 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H): 48.5 mm x 23.5 mm x 10.5 mm
Weight: 10 g
* under normal reception conditions
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