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Cockpit SX 7/9


Cockpit SX 7/9 -channel M-LINK radio control system – it’s never been easier!

Cockpit SX 7 and Sx 9 -channel M-LINK radio control system – it’s never been easier!

The MULTIPLEX COCKPIT SX 7/9 is a development of the popular and proven seven-channel RC system for the forward-looking beginner and the demanding leisure pilot.

The COCKPIT SX 7/9 is 100% developed and built in Germany. ‘Made in Germany’ quality!

Full-colour TFT touch-screen 


New Model Assistant: the key to simple, comprehensive programming facilities

Super-convenient model memory management

Superlative speech output

Downlink channel / Telemetry

Freely configurable on-screen display of sensor values, dynamic display adjustment

Wireless Trainer mode operations

Dual-Rate and Expo can be set up separately for each flight phase 

3 timers

Future-proof software updates

Download instructions here

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